iPad Mini Cases Start to Pop Up

As the days turn into weeks and summer turns into autumn, we start to see more and more rumors about what Apple will deliver into our greedy hands this year. With the purported iPad mini on its way, we’ve seen possible pictures, plenty of estimates and, now, accessories designed specifically for the smaller Apple tablet.

According to 9to5Mac, case maker DeviceWear recently posted an iPad mini case on their website, but then promptly took it back down again. Although there is no longer any evidence to show that the company had any actual images or information on there website, 9to5Mac does have a couple of images that they managed to grab before the link went dead.

From close scrutiny of the cases, you can see that there are two speakers instead of just one. The speakers also sit close to the connector dock instead of on the corner like the current generation iPad does. The camera, volume buttons, audio jack and sleep button are all in the same place as the iPad’s, but there appears to be an additional hole in the case to expose another feature on the smaller tablet. It is difficult to tell what that may be, but it could be a motion sensor or a flash/light for the back-facing camera.

9to5Mac points out that this may just be a marketing ploy to generate attention from media. When the fifth-generation iPhone was still only a rumor, Case-Mate posted a false case design to their website so they could get some attention. At this early stage, there is no way of knowing whether DeviceCase knows something we don’t, or if they are putting all of their eggs in one basket, or if they are just crying wolf.

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