Top iPad Apps for Making Musical Slideshows and Videos

Are you the family photographer at events and gatherings? Do you often take vacation photos and then share them with friends? Do you want to spice up your photo slideshows with music or record your own music videos?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take a look at this list of slideshow and video apps that we compiled. You can use these apps to turn your photos and your videos from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Video Star (Free) – It’s easy to make fun videos with Video Star, you simply select a song from your music library, and then start shooting video. Before you start, you can choose an effect that ranges from simple black and white to psychedelic, and then you can pause the video at any time to switch to a new effect. Pausing does not affect the added music, so you end up with an aesome, entirely seamless video that’s got a perfectly synced audio track.


Fotovidia HD ($2.99) – Photo slideshows can be notoriously boring, but this simple app changes that. You can select your favorite photos for a slideshow, add music, and turn that boring vacation display into an attention-catching photo movie that your friends and family will love. This app uses simple touch gestures for organization, plus you can add text and one of nine cool slideshow effects, turning your photos into a great video that can be shared anywhere.


ReelDirector ($1.99) – ReelDirector is a powerful video editing app for the iPad. You can use it to splice, trim, and split video clips, and then add whatever music that you want. It unique transitions, allowing you to splice together multiple videos seamlessly with a musical fade out, which is a great option for those of you who want to make a montage of home videos or create a music video of your kid playing the guitar. You can add texts to your videos. The app has eight styles and nine positions for 72 different looks, making it a great app for amateur videographers.


Videolicious (Free) – Videolicious is a popular photo and video editing app that helps you to instantly combine your videos, photos, and music into a complete masterpiece. This app is a lot of fun because you can arrange your photos and videos into a narrative, and then add your own voice to the mix. You can also add music to the video slideshow, or any other audio that you want. Your finished videos or video slideshows can be posted to your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Photo Table ($9.99) – This app is pricy, but before you buy it for the full price, check out the lite version. You can use this app to play with your photos on a virtual table, tapping, zooming, flicking, and rotating to form the perfect interactive slideshow. You can play music with each album, and create impressive photo collages and slideshows to share your photos in a whole new way. Get ready to showcase you new photo collage with your family.

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