Rumor of the Day: Alleged iPad Mini to Launch September 21

iPad MiniToday is the first day of the influx of event rumors that is sure to take over the tech-reporting world for the next two months.

Apple blog iMore is claiming to have information from “sources who have proven accurate in the past,” that Apple will hold a product event on September 12 where the next generation and iPod nano, as well as the rumored iPad mini will be announced.

The new gadgets will then release nine days later, on September 21.

Last year, Apple held the “Lets Talk iPhone” product announcement on October 4, in which the world was introduced to Siri and the iPhone 4S. The device hit store shelves seven days later on October 14. Three days later, Apple broke records by selling four million units in its first weekend’s release.

In June, Apple gave the world a demonstration of the upcoming version its mobile operating system. The iOS 6.0 will include Siri for older generations of iPhone and iPads, and the iPod touch, Facebook integration, various new apps, photo streaming capabilities, a new map service and more.

If the rumor is true, iMore is reporting that Apple will announce iOS 6.0 with a release date of September 19. While this is the first rumor we are hearing that includes a specific announcement and release date, a September release of the next generation iPhone and iPad mini has been widely speculated since the beginning of this year, earlier in some instances.

Hopefully, iMore has legitimate information and we will get a first glimpse at Apple’s new products, whatever they may be, in less than two month’s time.

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