PadPivot Turns Your Lap Into An iPad Stand – Hands-on iPad Accessory Review

Picture this: you’re sitting on your couch, watching a new episode of True Blood, when you decide to do a little browsing on your iPad. Maybe you want to play a game, or check your email, or read PadGadget’s latest articles. What do you do with your iPad? Do you rest it on a pillow that sits on your lap? Do you display it on your coffee table and reach forward? Does it ever seem like using your iPad while in your most lounging mode is almost inconvenient? PadPivot has the solution to your reclining needs. Just strap it to your leg and browse in laid-back style.

The PadPivot is a display stand for the iPad that lets you rest it on your lap without needing to prop it up or use a bulky case. It is designed to support the iPad for casual use while you’re sitting down or even laying down.

To prepare the stand, hook the included elastic strap to one side using the special carved-out tabs. Adjust the strap to fit snug around your leg and hook it to the other side.

Once you’ve got the strap comfortably tightened around your leg, remove the dust protector from the sticky pad. The iPad sits on top of a flat, rubberized surface that has a strong, but non-permanent adhesive. Place the iPad on the surface and gently press down to ensure the proper stick.

After you’ve secured the iPad to the sticky pad, loosen the ball socket that houses it. Manipulate your iPad to the ideal angle and then tighten the ball socket again. Now, you’re ready to tap, touch and swipe your way through the evening in your most relaxed position.

This innovative device doubles as a display stand for your tabletop as well. It may not be the sturdiest display, but its footprint is fantastically small. Because it angles the weight of the iPad with a physics-friendly design, it doesn’t need much girth to keep the tablet upright.

Adjusting the strap can be very awkward. The band is looped inside of the plastic adjuster in such a way that makes it hard to loosen or tighten. It is designed to ensure the strap does not slip, but trying to adjust it is frustrating.

The idea of adhering my iPad to the sticky display pad was disconcerting. There is nothing I like less than having random bits of flotsam stuck to my sleek and shiny tablet. So, believe me when I say that you don’t have to worry about the pad transferring residue to your device. When you pull your iPad off, the action is smooth and easy and there is no sticky mess left behind.

When the iPad is essentially strapped to your leg, you can do just about anything you would normally do if it was propped up on your lap with a pillow except you have the rest of your leg space for other things. For example, you now have room to set up your wireless keyboard for dedicated typing, or eat a doughnut without worrying about dropping crumbs and turning your $600 gadget into an expensive plate.

You can’t run laps with the PadPivot strapped to your leg. In fact, the instruction manual warns that it is for “light” use. Don’t expect to be able to perform heavy tasks while using it. However, the convenience of resting your iPad on your leg with a hands-free better viewing angle makes the display stand worth using. It has an unbelievably small footprint so you can display your iPad practically anywhere, and the entire stand is so small that you could slip it into the front pocket of your pants if they are loose enough.

It is a somewhat frivolous purchase because the need to have your iPad strapped to your thigh is not exactly a top-priority. However, this would make the perfect gift for an iPad user. It is something that you might not feel you can justify buying, but would be so cool if your boyfriend got it for you for your birthday.

The PadPivot will run you $39.95 and is available at BiteMyApple.

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  • lorygil

    Do you own one? Otherwise, why would you say that? I own one and I disagree with your assessment that it is “weak plastic sh**.” I found the stand to be sturdy and reliable. You just can’t run around with your iPad strapped to your leg, but why would you want to?