More iPad Prototype Designs Revealed from the Samsung/Apple Trial

Thanks to Apple and Samsung’s pivotal patent infringement case in the United States, set to begin today, the tech-reporting world has been given the treat of a lifetime. Some of the Cupertino-based company’s secret designs for the iPad and iPhone have been forced into the public eye. This past weekend, AllThingsD uncovered 100 more sketches, computer mock-ups and photos with actual prototypes of early design ideas for Apple’s smart phone and tablet and has them all posted on their website.

Some of the more interesting mock-ups and sketches include iPhones that look like the “Classic” iPod of old, or ones with slanted corners, giving them a hexagonal look instead of the sleek corners of the final design. There is also a computer graphic of an iPad that looks like a giant iPod.

Since the court hearing begins today, it is not likely that we will get to see any new pictures of Apple’s design phase. They’ve probably given up everything that they were required to at this point. However, it is possible that Apple will have to prove it’s claim that Samsung intentionally stole the final product design with more evidence than just old ideas, so we may hear some interesting testimony from the company’s top executives about the iPad and iPhone’s history.

Below are a couple of images from AllThingsD. Visit their website to see the entire gallery of photos.


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