Rovio Updates Angry Birds Space, Adds All New Utopia Levels

If you were worried that Rovio’s launch of Amazing Alex might overshadow its ultra popular Angry Birds franchise, don’t worry.

The company is still focused on bringing you the best bird-hurling pig-smashing gameplay around, as proven with today’s Angry Birds Space update.

In fact, Rovio’s been quite dedicated to Angry Birds Space, and this marks the second update the game has gotten this summer.

Rovio’s new update is an add-on to the update that it released in June, bringing Angry Bird fans 20 more levels and the second half of Utopia, the planet made of food.

The orange bird was also given a superhero makeover, and there’s a new, never-before-seen space egg to explore. As an added bonus, if you manage to get all three stars in each level, you’ll unlock 10 bonus levels.

And if all that wasn’t enough, players can also fight an ultra tough boss to win glory in Utopia. The best part? This is a free update. If you already own Angry Birds Space you can download the update immediately, and if you don’t own the game, you can grab the iPad version for just $2.99.

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