Great British Chefs Returns with Summertime HD — iPad App Review

Last summer we raved about Great British Chefs — Recipes HD. Now the franchise returns with another win, Summertime HD, which promises to help the home chef cook make the most of fresh seasonal ingredients, and elevate her cuisine with tips from some of the UK’s top culinary talent.

This handsome app isn’t just going to put food on your plate either. It’s also going to help feed the less fortunate. Great British Chefs will “donate all proceeds, less VAT and any commissions payable, equating to a minimum donation of £1.20 from the sale of each ‘Summertime’ app to Action Against Hunger.”

GBC Summertime’s organization follows the plan of its big brother Recipes app. Upon opening the app the user is invited to peruse profiles and recipes from 21 different chefs. Use the filmstrip menu along the bottom of the screen to browse through the chefs. Tap once and a box with the chef’s name and restaurant opens, then double tap to jump to that chef.

Most chefs have offered a range of courses. There are starters such as Grilled sardines on ciabatta with tomato confit, basil and tapenade from The Hambrough’s Robert Thompson. Main courses comprise offerings such as Grilled sea bass with fennel and orange from The Royal Oak’s Dominic Chapman. Deserts range from classics like a chocolate torte from The Walnut Tree Inn’s Shaun Hill to more daring offerings such as Marcus Wareing’s Eccles cake with cheddar cheese ice cream.


Tap the logo in the upper-left corner to bring up the main menu, which offers users a choice of chefs, recipes, hints, shopping, favourites, and cookbooks.

In recipe view the user can browse all 105 recipes, or restrict the view to a particular course or level of difficulty. The photos are so beautiful that the app is worth buying just for the images alone. While I might hesitate before trying to cook Greg Malouf’s Chicken livers pressed with dukkah (a paste made from cumin seeds), his simple plate garnished with frisee and a viola is stunning.

As with Recipes, Summertime’s hints range from the obscure (butcher a quail, section an octopus) to the necessary (make mayonaise, skin a fillet of flat fish). Each hint is short, clear, and impressive. If a professional can open an oyster in a 40 second video, then surely we can all learn how to as well.

Download Summertime HD for iPad from the App Store for $2.99.

What I liked: Even though GBC Summertime’s UI is complex, the app runs smoothly as it jumps from information on various chefs, their restaurants, and — of course — their delicious recipes. Cheers to Great British Chefs for adding the ability to sort by recipe difficulty to this app.

What I didn’t like: The only thing that would would improve Summertime HD is if it were universal.

To buy or not to buy: Whether you want to cook like a Brit (Pimm’s jelly with cucumber sorbet, for example) to celebrate the Olympics, or just want to pick up some tips from the pros, GBC Summertime HD is worth a look. Knowing each download helps to feed the hungry is just the cracked sugar crust on the proverbial crème brûlée.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite