Court Documents Unveil Cool iPad Prototypes


Have you ever wondered what the design process of your iPad was? Ever thought about how different it would have looked if Steve Jobs had drank a cup of coffee on the morning the final product was decided? The Verge has dug up some fascinating photos that take you right back to the early days of the iPad (and the iPhone, for that matter) and give you a glimpse of the Apple tablets that never were.

Lately, gadget writers have been busy sifting through publicly released patent infringement court documents and discovered pictures of early prototypes of the iPad and iPhone while the two gadgets were still in their design phase. The Verge has pictures of a few of them. There is the famous dual-dock connector iPad that sold on eBay for 10 grand, the 16:9 model with wide handles on the sides, and a couple of iPads with kickstands.

From the pictures, you can see that some iPads have an “iPod” name on the back, showing that Apple was still working on a name while they were designing the device. I remember thinking the “iPad” name was kind of stupid. Funny how time changes things.

The Verge also has some interesting prototypes of early designs of the iPhone, including a model with a hexagonal shape and another that looks like a remote control more than a phone.

Check out The Verge’s website for more images. There is a decent gallery of different angles for multiple concepts.

If you could go back in time and tell Apple what you wanted your iPad to look like, would you change the design? Would you add a kickstand?

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