Top Weather Apps for Your iPad

weatherBeing able to predict the weather with any degree of accuracy is a difficult thing for even the experts, but having some idea of what to expect can certainly help you to plan your activities for the day or decide what to pack to bring along for your upcoming trip (to see the Summer 2012 Olympics in London perhaps?)! With all of the fantastic weather apps out there, your iPad could do double duty as your weather forecasting crystal ball (of sorts), but also your guide to other relevant environmental details regarding bugs, UV dangers and other news.


1. The Weather NetworkWeatherEye HD (Free) – Brought to you by forecasting authorites at The Weather Network and MeteoMedia, WeatherEye HD is a fantastic go-to app when you need to know the current weather conditions for your location, hourly forecasts, short and long term projections along with other bonus features like weather-related news stories, satellite and radar maps, and interactice hourly charts with helpful information regarding pollen forecasts, air quality health indexes, bug reports and UV reports.


2. The Weather ChannelThe Weather Channel® for iPad (Free) – Brought to you by over 200 meteorologists on staff with The Weather Channel, along with their patented ultra-local TruPoint weather technology, this app is about as accurate as it possibly could be. My favorite feature of this app is the beautiful animated weather backgrounds for your iPad based on your local conditions. Filled with storm footage, breaking weather news and push alerts for severe weather in your chosen locations, this app is a great addition to your day-planning arsenal.


3. Seasonality GoSeasonality Go ($9.99) – Do you want a little more from a weather app than just reporting on the current and projected conditions? Give this app a try with over 30,000 pre-defined locations and a wealth of customization potential. Create your own screen arrangements with a library of data inserts that you can move and resize to suit your personal interests, focus and style including modules for current conditions, 7 day forecast, astronomical data and a host of graphs for temperature, wind speed, precipitation, cloud cover and more!


4. Weather DoodleWeather Doodle ($0.99) – Want a weather app that is a little more fun and funky than the usual charts and diagrams? Powered by WeatherBug, Weather Doodle turns the forecast into art. The developer describes the app accurately by saying: “Suns rise. Clouds glide into view. Raindrops, snowflakes and hail fall from the sky. The wind blows. All in a gorgeous, whimsical art style.” Numerous additional art and themes can be downloaded with many that suit the time of day, current moon phase or even holiday season… oh and it gives you the forecast too.


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