Meet Chug the Bug in 3D (A Peek ‘n Play Story App) – iPad App Review

Chug the Bug in 3DIn the latest book from Mobad Games we get the opportunity to meet Chug the Bug, a timid young bug who isn’t certain what kind of bug he is. Join Chug as he embarks on a voyage of self-discovery, meeting a variety of new friends along the way (like tickling ladybugs, speedy grasshoppers, singing dragonflies and booming beetles). This group of fast-made friends find themselves in sticky situations in which they must “work together using their unique characteristics and abilities to overcome familiar childhood situations and challenges.”

This app has a lot of the standard features you have come to expect, like word highlighting (and tap to read individual words) and interactive elements on every page that add vibrancy and interest to the story. If you prefer to approach the book like a movie, turn on auto play and watch everything unfold –which is a good way to start out reading with very young children.

The text of the story is lyrical and very descriptive, involving lots of colors and numbers and other things that you can use to work with your child on identification and recognition skills. I suggest activities like counting Chugg’s tiny feet!

For the youngest kids enjoying this app, hints can be enabled that make finding the interactive elements much easier.

Chug the Bug in 3D Screenshot

What I liked: This app takes advantage of the accelerometer in your iPad to give it a 3-dimensional appearance that makes you feel quite physically drawn into the story.

What I didn’t like: The app is built for children from 1 right up to 10 but many of the instructions are written on the screen instead of being spoken aloud. For independent little ones that would prefer to play with the app solo it would be nice for some narration over all instructions as well.

To buy or not to buy: A wonderful story with wonderful illustrations and a wonderful message means you cannot go wrong grabbing this app.


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