iPad is the Tablet of Choice Among the Wealthy

wealthWell the good news for today is that I found out I’m wealthy, now if only my bank account had also received the news. The basis for this new-found knowledge? According to the Los Angeles Times, Apple’s iPad is the top smartphone and tablet brand choice among the wealthy. Bill Gates will be impressed then, given that in my house we have several of each.

The article explains that if you look at a recent report from the Spectrem Group, Apple only maintains the highest market share as it applies to wealthier people which they define as those people whose net worth exceeds USD $100,000. Apparently the higher up that asset scale you climb, the more Apple logos you are going to see in the hands of those individuals.

The report identifies that among those individuals with that USD $100,000 net worth, 46% own an iPhone while Android trails behind at 34%. Those same people overwhelmingly chose the iPad with 53% of the group owning one of Apple’s tablets (followed far behind by Amazon’s Kindle Fire with only 16% reporting ownership of that bargain device).

The survey by which the Spectrem Group collected their information was called “Use of Mobile Technology, Tablets, Online Tools and Social Media Vol. II” and provided them with the insight for their managing director, Catherine McBreen to note that individuals with a considerable amount of disposable income with which to buy these devices tend to avoid switching from gadget to gadget. “Once they have a product they like and are comfortable with, they’re unlikely to switch out,” she said. “They tend to be older, so they’re not looking for the newest feature.”

Spectrem hypothesizes that Apple’s success may be due in part because they were first to market with their devices, but I would counter that a big reason is the ease of use. One point we do agree on is that the considerable and successful App Store plays a significant role in Apple’s device popularity.

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