Use Your iPad to Turn the Plane into Your Office

Airplane Office

Are you headed to London to catch some of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games? Even if you aren’t one of the lucky ones with event tickets and you are just a frequent domestic traveler, you may find yourself needing to make the most of your time in the air by turning the airplane into your mobile workspace.

Fortunately with a little planning this isn’t an entirely difficult task; to that end, consider the following:

  • Make Your iPad Easy to Hold – Whether your flight is 2 hours or 15 hours, balancing your iPad on that goofy little tray table or trying to rest it on your forearm just isn’t going to do the trick. My advice is to go with a case that can rest just about anywhere with some stability and forgiveness (you never know when the plane may be traveling at an angle other than perfectly level). Some of my favorite options include the Speck ComfyShell and Sporty’s iPad Kneeboard (meant for pilots but every bit as useful for passengers).
  • Make Your iPad Battery Last – For short flights, your regular iPad battery should last well enough even if you are watching videos or other power drinking functions. If you are headed for a full day of travel (or longer), consider giving your battery a little extra love with something like the mophie juice pack powerstation.
  • Get Data Prepared – Domestic flights are pretty much all offering Internet service now, but far fewer have International data options. For those times when you either don’t want to spring for the connections costs or there just isn’t anything available yet, remember to get prepared. Apps like Instapaper or the favorites feature of Dropbox should get you ready with all of the reading and documents you need in order to keep yourself busy (or entertained).
  • Accessorize – Because it is hard enough to concentrate on an airplane with all of the flight nose and close neighbors, be sure to grab a fantastic pair of noise cancelling headphones like the Sennheiser Premium mini travel headphones with NoiseGard™ 2.0. A few hours of tapping around on the touchscreen (smudging as you go) may make you wish you had a great iFrogz Stylus –which is also helpful with the strange climates in airplanes making your fingers anywhere from way too dry to entirely too clammy (plus it comes in super fun colors).

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