Top Five Health and Fitness iPad Apps for Training

Whether you’re getting ready for a marathon, looking to lose weight, or simply getting in shape, having a trainer at your side can be invaluable.

Unfortunately, hiring a personal trainer is a hefty expense, but if you have an iPad, you can save quite a bit by downloading one of these handy training apps.

5k Runner: 0 to 5K Run Training ($2.99) – If you’re currently a couch potato that wants to get in shape, this app is the perfect tool, taking you from zero to hero in mere weeks. This app utilizes a walk, run, walk routine for 35 minutes three times a week, easing you into a full 5K run. You’ll start off slow, at a pace you can handle, and gradually ramp up in difficulty over the course of eight weeks. This app is great because it keeps you motivated with an achievable plan. There’s also a 10K Runner follow up app.


PhysiqueBuild ($1.99) – Looking to bulk up? This fitness guide will help you gain up to five pounds of muscle within 10 days, while teaching you how to lose fat and preserve your muscle. The app, which includes both running and workout programs, teaches you how to eat and train to lose fat and gain muscle mass. You’ll learn exactly what to eat, the best supplements, the right time to eat, how to breathe correctly, and tons of other tips in this handy app. Try the lite version before downloading the whole shebang.


Sworkit (Free) – Sworkit is an app that provides randomized circuit training workouts to help you stay motivated to get in shape. Choose a workout length and a target area to create the perfect workout that you can do anytime and anywhere with no weights or extra equipment. This app is designed to keep your workouts interesting by mixing things up, so you’re doing something different each day. Exercises are presented in 30 second intervals, so you’ll never get bored, which is the key to staying motivated.


Daily Workouts ($3.99) – Daily Workouts provides your own personal trainer wherever you are. The app comes with more than a hundred exercises and allows you to set up custom routines to target any area. You’ll get five to 10 minute targeted workouts and 10 to 30 minute full body workouts, plus videos showing you how to execute every exercise. Routines are randomly generated, and each exercise has been certified by a personal trainer to target all major muscles. You can strengthen and tone your body with as little as a minute per day using this app!


GymGoal Plus ($4.99) – GymGoal Plus is your personal, portable workout helper. This app has an animated exercise database, a workout schedule, and progress tracking, which will help you whip yourself into shape in no time. This is one of the best workout trackers for iOS, including more than 280 exercises with step by step instructions and 52 different workout routines. You can also add in your own custom workouts and routines for a totally personalized experience. The app will also keep track of your weight and BMI, along with all of your workouts, which is sure to keep you motivated.

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  • 3D4Medical

    No iMuscle in this list. It’s the top grossing health and fitness app on iTunes and the best by a country mile.