The Olympics Get Musical – Top iPad Apps Highlighting Famous British Bands

In anticipation of the upcoming Summer Olympics being held in London, England this year, we are celebrating with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. Depending on your generation, this may seem like grandpa’s music, but real musicians know that nothing can diminish the importance of Britain’s most beloved music groups.

Rolling Stone’s Beatles Album-by-Album Guide ($4.99) This behind-the-scenes look at the all-time greatest pop band is an essential guide to all things related to each of the Beatles’ 13 albums, including inspirations and inside stories behind the music, audio samplings of every song on every album, facts about each release and more. There are dozens of classic photos and interviews with other legendary musicians who speak to their own experience with the Fab Four.


Ladies & Gentlemen….. The Rolling Stones ($7.99) Welcome to 1972 and the height of the Rolling Stones’ fever pitch. This app features the legendary concert film of the same name, fully restored and remastered for the iPad. The app includes bonus material of rehearsal footage from Montreux, interviews with Mick Jagger, and more. There is also a photo gallery, social connectivity and direct links to Rolling Stones albums available for download.


The Who Games ($1.99) If you think you know everything there is to know about The Who, maybe you should push your brain with some trivia. This app offers more than 400 Who-related facts about albums, shows, personalities and antics. Did you know that the Who were originally called “The High Numbers”? If you had to look that up, then you’ll want to check this app out. You’ll be a Who aficionado before you know it.


This Day In Led Zeppelin ($2.99) Fans of “The Zep” will love being presented with tidbits of information every day. This app includes a list of every concert the band ever played with set lists, television performances, and more. It features detailed information about studio tracks, hundreds of trivia facts and a comprehensive guide to the band’s career. It also comes with a free, non-Zeppelin, ring tone (those guys are really protective of their music), links to the official Zeppelin store for merchandise, wallpaper and more. It is a veritable treasure trove of Zeppelin memorabilia right in your iPad.


Metallic Spheres ($0.99) Fans of Pink Floyd will buzz with excitement to find out about this entertainment app that blends art and music together with David Gilmour and ambient techno group The Orb. This app lets you interact with, experience and create soundscapes using original sounds from both Gilmour and The Orb. The visual aesthetic will leave you breathless as you tap into various object and blend music with ambient sound. If you are a fan of The Orb and Gilmour’s 2010 collaboration of the same name, check out the accompanying app that celebrated its release.

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