Charge an iPad (and more!) with POP — An Approved Kickstarter Project

POP — a portable, recharging station for the iPad and other mobile devices, is the newest Kickstarter project to try and ensure your iPad doesn’t run out of juice. Creator James Siminoff of Einstein Junior Design Laboratory was inspired to create POP after his family had trouble keeping their various devices charged up while they lounged poolside.

At 6.45” tall by 5.00” inches wide, weighing about 3 1/2 pounds, POP isn’t exactly tiny — but it will take up less room in a suitcase than a tangle of various charging cords would.

POP is certainly small enough to take in the car or to use while traveling for work or pleasure. POP’s sleek white housing conceals a rechargeable 25,000 mAh battery, which has enough juice to charge 10 iPhones!

POP comes with 4 retractable cord reels that each unfurl to a length of 3 feet (though the final model may have longer cords). The ends of the reel accommodate both a 30-pin connector or a microUSB port. There are also two more USB ports on the base of the unit for charging devices with oddly shaped docks.


POP’s additional features include:

– Included 100/240 V AC adapter for recharging the POP unit.

– 2 additional USB ports for charging other devices of your choice.

– LED indicator displaying battery life.

– Put a business logo on POP

The designers hope to add a POP Top in the future that could house a variety of accessories including a solar charger or speaker.

POP has already reached its funding goal, but interested backers still have until September 1, 2012 to help fund POP.

Pledge $149 for one unit, or $169 for a customized unit. Still need more power? Consider the Super POP. This 150,000 mah behemoth can charge 18 iPhones at once! It can be yours for a pledge of $1000. You won’t even be the first backer to take the plunge — currently there are going to be two lucky recipients of the Super POP.

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