Top Apps to Teach Your Kids About London, Home of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

LondonEvery parent out there will tell you that children are very curious little creatures. With that fact in mind, as you enjoy cheering on your country’s team and your favorite athletes to victory, take this opportunity to teach your child about another area of the world: London, England as well as the history of the Olympic Games themselves. Fortunately, there are a number of apps out there that can make this task a little easier, particularly if you aren’t terribly familiar with the subject areas yourself (so you can learn along with them!).

1. London FactbookLondon – Kids’ Factbook ($1.99) – Presented as an eBook (which can be enjoyed either by listening to the narrator or navigating and reading each section on your own), this app helps your children to learn about London by way of fun facts and tidbits of information on a variety of topics, including: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Transport, Tower Bridge, The Great Fire of London, Heathrow Airport, River Thames, London Underground, Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London.


2. Eyewitness TravelLondon: DK Eyewitness ($6.99) – While this app is a little better suited to older children, it is fantastically comprehensive and would be a great teaching tool and on-the-iPad companion to this year’s Olympic games. Use this app to visit Londdon virtually whiel you “discover the city’s best shops and restaurants, explore unforgettable sights through revealing interactive cutaways, take a stroll following a beautifully illustrated city walk, plot your route on a map or simply enjoy sampling some of the finest food and drink in our up-to-the-minute listings section.”


3. London 2012London 2012 Olympics: The Kids’ Only Guide ($5.99) – Presented as a book (requires iBooks 2) by author, Shannon Hunt, London 2012 Olympics: The Kids’ Only Guide is the “front row ticket to all things Olympic.” Designed to teach sport smarts and Olympic trivia, this book is dynamic and entertaining as much as it is educational. Grabbing this book will let your kids dazzle their friends with the answer to trivia questions like: “Which sport’s athletes used to stick the ball in their shorts to get it to the goal?” and “Which Olympic venue is nicknamed ‘the Pringle’?”


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