iPad Football Playbooks in Jeopardy as Players Forget to Charge their Device

NFL teams are slowly embracing the iPad as a replacement for their paper playbooks, but the players using them don’t seem to be up to the task of keeping them charged and updated.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the first team to switch completely to the iPad playbook last August, and other teams have indicated their intentions to follow suit in the upcoming football season.  The advantages are obvious – not only is it easier to update and more green to avoid printing the massive playbooks, it also gives players the opportunity to view videos of the diagrammed plays with a single tap.

However, the Bucs haven’t handled the transition well. While the players have many appreciative comments regarding the flexibility the iPads offer, many of them find themselves unprepared when they forget to charge their devices or download the playbook updates prior to practice. Not only that, there are accusations that the iPads are also a distraction to some players using it for activities such as surfing the Internet or playing games.

Despite these issues, teams are still planning to continue replacing playbooks with iPads. Denver Broncos head coach John Fox is still completely behind the idea, although he does have plans in place to keep players from using the iPads inappropriately.

“Even in this current situation, players are going to need their own personal iPad, because there are a lot of security things involved in ours that you aren’t going to have the freedom to go to iTunes and add your playlist or movies,” he said. “Everybody will need two iPads.” (via Yahoo! Sports)

iPads may very well be necessary tools for all players soon, as the NFL is also embracing tablets to enhance the fan experience. The league recently announced Game Rewind packages this season on the iPad, which will not only provide streaming access to all 2012 games plus archives, but will also allow fans to get unprecedented access to the coaches film. This “All-22” film access shows a bird’s eye view of all 22 players rather than the various angles shown in the TV broadcast, and will actually offer fans better access to game tape than some NFL teams do.

Schools across America have successfully adopted the iPad into their classrooms, and it seems kids have no problem keeping up with the new technology and using the devices appropriately. Maybe the Bucs need to hire the IT team from their local elementary school to give them some pointers, and in the meantime consider installing a few extra outlets in the locker room!

[via The Telegraph]

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