iOS 6 Update: Purchasing Free Apps No Longer Requires App Store Password

Apple IDThe update to iOS 6 is going to solve one of my biggest pet peeves: having to enter my password when I am buying free apps from the App Store. I know opinions on this one are going to be mixed, with many people liking that it prevents chidren (or even spouses, let’s be honest) from downloading things that we may perceive as ‘garbage’… but for people like me that lock down their iPad and use it basicaly on my own, it will be a very welcome change.

This update will mean that if you choose a free app from the App Store (or update an existing free app that you have already installed), no password will be prompted for or required. Of course paid apps will still require this password confirmation so you don’t need to be concerned that suddenly your 3 year old will be buying any and all apps that have pictures of kitties in their app icon or screenshots.

The practice of entering a password for all downloads is rather unnecessary if you consider that the act itself implies permission to charge your account for the purchase. Removing this perceived obstacle is much more ‘one-click check-out’ and is entirely more convenient.

The problem they have yet to solve that I find more infuriating is this constant ‘history of every single thing I have ever downloaded staying attached to my Apple ID’. Anybody who has set-up a new device from scratch instead of restoring from backup will understand my pain –let me remove from my ‘history’ any of the crap-apps (crapps) that I wish I’d never laid my eyes (or fingertips) on.

Of course, what would be ideal is if Apple gave you the choice –prompt for password on all downloads, or just for those that carry a cost.

[via Cult of Mac]

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  • Roby Davis Jr.

    If you swipe across an app on the “Purchased” tab of your iPhone, you’ll get the option to hide

  • gltovar

    the only real downside here is a potential security issue. Say some one manages to get an app to the appstore as a facade app (say a flashlight app) but then the app it self pulls infromation/pics from you phone with out you knowing. The password was a psudo safeguard against some oen pickinhg up your phone and downloading said app with out your knowledge, and running it being well aware/oblivilious of the apps actual intent.

    for the most part though, I really did find that prompt very annoying. =]

  • lorygil

    I wonder if iOS 6 will also remove the need to enter your password when reinstalling an app?