Compete for the Gold Right in Your Own Home With These Olympic Themed Games

Not everyone is athletic enough to compete in the Olympics. The worldwide competition of country against country is reserved for the most elite. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from pole-vaulting your way to the gold. We’ve compiled a list of games that will make you feel like you’re on the field and ready for action.

Olympic Games: Spartan Athletics HD ($0.99) Swipe, flick and tilt your way to the gold with this exciting sports game. Compete in 10 different categories, including the High Jump, Javelin Throw, Pole Vault and others. You can play alone or with a friend using Bluetooth. The realistic control mechanisms will challenge your sporting abilities to the max. You won’t be able to just sit back and enjoy the show. With this game, you’ll actually break a sweat while trying to compete. You can challenge opponents in single category games, or go for the full Olympic experience by selecting five different sports and competing in a Pentathlon or all ten for the ultimate Decathlon.


Summer Games 3D ($0.99) You may not be able to compete in all 302 events this summer, but with this app, you’ll make it through 10 percent of the events. With 30 single events, 12 athletic events, four shooting events, four cycling events, six swimming events, cycling, diving, weightlifting, fencing and more, you’ll be headed for a full Olympic experience in no time. Compete alone or against friends in two-player split screen mode. Pick your favorite from 30 different competing countries and see how you rank against the rest of the world in Game Center. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could compete in the real Olympics for only $0.99?


London 2012- Official Mobile Game (Premium) ($2.99) The best part about this game is the ability to create and upgrade your athlete. Players can create two different athletes and clothe them differently to enhance various skills. There are nine different categories, including the 100 Meter Dash, Archery, Kayaking, Triple Jump, and more. You can prepare for the Olympics in training mode, go for the gold in Olympic mode, or complete mini missions in Challenge mode. You can develop your athlete’s skills every time you compete. If you train in the 100 Meter Dash, you will increase your abilities in balance and agility. Training in Archery will generate accuracy skill points. Check out a more in-dept review of this app here.

Toons Summer Games 2012 ($0.99) Why should you only compete as American, Chinese, Australian or German when you can also compete as a Pegasus, turtle, gorilla or cat. This family friendly game of sports competition is perfect for the young aspiring athlete. Categories include Swimming, BMX cycling, Table Tennis, Canoeing, Weightlifting, and more. Players can upgrade their athlete’s stats with special accessories that will boost their performance, including power magnets, starfishes, special javelins and more. The cartoonish graphics will make you giggle as you watch the slow, but strong, turtle lift massive weights over his head and then tip over. This game is fun for everyone.

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