Appcelerator Study Shows Apple Owns the Enterprise


The news is out! According to the Appcelerator/IDC 2Q 2012 Mobile Report, developers are shifting their focus rather significantly toward the enterprise. In a world where finances are key, this makes sense: build for the demographic that has money to spend.

Also of interest in the report is the finding that Apple’s iOS leads the pack dramatically over Google’s Android for enterprise-level apps (taking more of a consumer play focus for themselves).

Other key findings include:

  • Developers continue to indicate they feel that iOS will succeed over Android in the enterprise 53% – 37%.
  • Developer interest in Android has stopped the steady decline seen in the past year to see an increase of 2.9% in those who indicated they are “very interested” in the platform.
  • Developers are “cautiously optimistic” about Windows 8 tablets, with 33.3% noting that they are very interested in this platform.
  • Developer interest in Windows Phone 7 devices dropped sharply from 37% in 1Q 2012 to 25% in 2Q 2012.
  • Developers are embracing the cloud, with 83% indicating they intend to use cloud services. Of those, 50.4% are looking toward iCloud, 49.1% nod to Amazon and only 18.6% plan to work with Microsoft’s Azure. Planned uses for cloud services include push notifications, social integration and authentication primarily.

This report should be of significant interest to Microsoft, with the launch of their first self-branded tablet hardware imminent and their latest Windows operating system ready to go. If they want to be successful, that means courting developers and making them money. This switch in focus to the enterprise is good for Microsoft as they are a company that has traditionally done well in that arena.

Appcelerator’s Titanium mobile platform gives life to more than 40,000 applications deployed on 50 million devices (including those based on iOS, Andriod and HTML 5).

International Data Corporation (IDC) boasts being the “premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.” With over 46 years of experience, IDC is no stranger to providing the strategic insights required to help businesses achieve their goals.

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