NCR Helps Small Business Owners with iPad Payment Solution

NCR Corporation, a leader in point-of-sale systems, is aiming to modernize payment solutions for small businesses with NCR Silver, which is the first cloud-based point-of-sale made just for small business owners.

NCR Silver, which works with the iPad, is designed to supply small business owners with big business technology in one affordable, easy to use package that can be scaled and personalized according to their needs.

The iPad based point-of-sale system is able to generate reports and charts for critical management data, profit and loss information, inventory, and customer preferences in just a few minutes. Thanks to a cloud connection, data can be accessed anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection.

NCR Silver also comes with a digital marketing solution that includes templates and custom emails for marketing campaigns. Included customer segmentation allows merchants to deliver information and promotions to specific groups, welcoming new and old customers to the store with events, news, and other info.

The system will help business owners find a better balance between free time and work, and current NCR Silver users have said that they have more free time and are able to operate more efficiently with this new point-of-sale solution.

The first 1,000 people who purchase NCR Silver will be able to snag the full suite of subscription services for just $39.00 per month. After that, the cost will go up to $79.00 per month, and the full hardware solution is available for approximately $700. For more information, visit the NCR Silver website.

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