iPad and Nexus 7 Face-Off in Drop Test – Which One Survives?

Which tablet is the fairest of them all? Warranty company SquareTrade set out to find the toughest device, pitting Apple’s newest iPad against Google’s Nexus 7.

The team dropped the tablets, knocked them off of a table, and dunked them into water to find out which one would hold up the best.


During the drop test, the Nexus 7 did quite a bit better, ending up with only a few scrapes after falling from a distance of approximately five feet, while the iPad’s screen shattered.

If you look at the slow motion footage, however, you can see that the tablets hit the ground in different ways – the Nexus 7 landed on its back while the iPad landed sharply on a corner. The SquareTrade team did not repeat the test, but different landing positions would certainly have other results.

When knocked off a short ledge, the Nexus again fell on its back and earned a few scuffs. The iPad fell display forward, cracking a corner.

After a short bath, the iPad lost sound but was still functional, while the Nexus 7 retained full functionality, including sound.

The Nexus 7 undoubtedly won the water test, but the other two tests just proved that when you drop your tablet, the damage done will be a total toss up.

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  • http://twitter.com/wizardcomrc Ryan Chavis

    iPad will only survive if its in the belly of a iBackFlip Somersault!