Enjoy and Learn with “The Great Cookie Thief”, Starring Cookie Monster – iPad App Review

Cookie ThiefWho doesn’t love Cookie Monster? Kids of all ages will enjoy the “thrill in tracking down the crumb-y feller.” Through a series of activities (make your own Wanted posters) and a fantstically animated and dynamic story, you and your child will learn a thing or two about being observant and problem solving.

Set in a Sesame Street inspired version of the Old West, this app features colorful illustrations and theme-appropriate music that will make you smile.

The reading style may be a bit unconventional compared to other children’s books you have read on the iPad, with the text appearing in bubbles by each character (and spoken in their voice) instead of written in a more ‘page-by-page’ style with a single narrator, which actually makes this feel a lot more like an interactive movie.

The shining glory of this app can be found in the Parent Notes. Filled with quick tips and detailed information on how children learn by building visual skills, this resource helps you to find ways to encourage and assist your children. My favourite suggestions include: ask kids to make a prediction or remember things from a prior visit, personalize the app by snapping a few portraits for your child to use while making posters, help grow their vocabulary by using words and phrases from within the app as your child solves problems in daily life and ask them to count items in each scene (how many people are wearing cowboy hats, for instance).

Cookie Thief Screenshot

What I liked: I really appreciate the focus on education found within this app. It will amaze you just how much information they pick up and retain by participating in activities that they find fun and engaging.

What I didn’t like: Some of the dialogue in the scenes can go by pretty quickly and there is no way to pause things short of opening the menu.

To buy or not to buy: It is difficult not to fall in love with this app, particularly if your child loves Cookie Monster and Sesame Street. I highly recommend grabbing this app as you will not be disappointed.


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