Office 15: No iPad Support at Launch After All

We’ve been hearing rumors that Microsoft was working on a version of Office for the iPad and the iPhone, but as it turns out, that’s not the case.

Microsoft’s Office 15 was unveiled earlier this week, without iPad support. Microsoft Office division President Kurt DelBene later confirmed that the software will be available only for Windows 8, because the operating system is the best way for the company to showcase its new touch-friendly application suite.

“We have a unique opportunity with Windows 8 style applications to push that even further,” said Delbene in an interview with CNET.

Delbene did not say whether Microsoft is planning on releasing a version of Office for the iPad, but it makes sense that Microsoft would reserve its most popular software for its own tablets.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets will need all the help they can get in order to compete with Apple’s iPad, the leading tablet on the market by far.

An official version of Microsoft’s software suite may not be coming to the iPad any time soon, but if you need to access Office on one of Apple’s tablets, you can use cloud-based solutions from companies like CloudOn and OnLive.

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