Kids Learn Colors, ABCs with FeeFiFoFun’s Flutterby Butterflies

Flutterby Butterflies aim is simple: to teach kids colors, letters, and rhyming words through a colorful interface that will engage kids and parents.

Appropriate for kids as young as 18 months old, this universal edu-app offers four different games: color matching, letter matching 1, letter matching 2 (upper and lowercase), and rhyming words. The app has activities that grow progressively more difficult as your child learns. The app’s relatively wide age range is also a boon for families with multiple children under 6 years of age.

Flutterby Butterflies is easy to play, so it doesn’t require a lot of explanation. Children drag a butterfly of a certain color or with a particular letter or word on it to the appropriate answer.

A child is rewarded verbally when the match is correct. Each correct answer earns the player five bees. When the player has earned 50 bees the round ends. In this way the app reinforces counting skills as well, since the player will see the bees count to 50 in five bee increments. The child can either play again or return to the home screen.


Children can test their choices before answering. For example, if the butterfly is red, the child can tap each of the flowers, and the narrators (who sound like a group of enthusiastic kids) will shout out “green,” “white,” or “red” depending on the color of the flower.

With artwork from well-know Rock ‘n’ Roll illustrator Alan Aldridge, Flutterby Butterflies stands out from the crowded field of edu-apps. According to the developer’s website, FeeFiFoFun comprises “artists, designers and writers with such acts as Pink Floyd, Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group.” How’s that for street cred?

Despite the game’s impressive pedigree, there’s nothing heavy-handed or excessive about Flutterby Butterflies. It’s pacing is challenging without being overstimulating. This balance helps parents feel more relaxed when their littlest ones demand screen time.

Download Flutterby Butterflies from the App Store for $1.99.

What I liked: Users can mute both music and narration easily from the app’s main screen.

What I didn’t like: Everything in Flutterby Butterflies is well-executed, but I would have liked a bit more content.

To buy or not to buy: Flutterby Butterflies is a colorful and enticing way to learn colors, letters, and numbers. Most kids in the under-six set will enjoy its simple, effective presentation.

  • App Name: Flutterby Butterflies
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.0
  • Category: Education
  • Developer: FeeFiFoFun
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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