Check Out a “New Style of Stylus” from GoSmart


I think we all use our iPads to take notes and jot down ideas from time to time. While the on-screen keyboard is pretty good and there are plenty of other external keyboard accessory options out there, sometimes it just feels appropriate to have a pen in hand and be able to write or sketch your way through something. A new style of stylus has hit the market that offers us “unique clarity and precision” by way of a patent-pending tip that employs Capacitive Coupling Technology (the principle that a conductive wire has electric fields extending well beyond the wire itself).

Available in two models: the 300, which has a unique rocket-ship look that won’t roll off your desk, is made from solid aerospace-grade aluminum, and the 200 series, which more closely resembles a standard pen, comes complete with a clip for easy pocket storage.

Key features of both models of the GoSmart Stylus include:

  • Flexible patent-pending Capacitive Coupling Technology stainless steel (Teflon-coated) tip
  • Tip is see-through for clear and accurate visibility
  • Smooth writing, painting, and drawing
  • Works with sticky protective covers
  • Quiet – no tapping sounds
  • Strong and flexible
  • Does not scratch the screen
  • Includes two rare earth magnets for attaching the stylus to the iPad or other magnetic surface

When asked to describe the GoSmart Stylus, Jae Son, President and Inventor from GoSmart, Inc. explained:

“The GoSmart Stylus experience is completely different from anything else on the market. With GoSmart, now you can finally write, draw, and select with fine detail on your iPad. And unlike most styluses on the market that have a thick rubber or plastic disk tip making it difficult to be precise because you can’t see exactly where the tip is touching, the GoSmart Stylus’ unique see-through tip gives you clear precision to click smarter.”

GoSmart Stylus 300 Series and 200 Series are priced at USD $24.95 each and are now available for pre-order with shipping slated for August 8, 2012!

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  • Jesse Diaz

    great. I was a beta tester for the firt run of these stylus and they a responsive. Ive owned about 5 other stylus and this one kicks all their butts!!!! Do yourself a favor and get one