Apple Already Had iPad Prototypes Ready Back in… 2000


We know that Apple was working on the iPad long before we ever got to see or hear of it. We know from photographs that early versions of the tablet were larger (both by screen dimensions and a nearly 1 inch thickness) and was missing the home button (love it or hate it we have grown attached to that button like it is some kind of security blanket).

The interesting thing is that from everything we can tell, the first kick at the iPad had them fitting it with a 13″ display (MacBook Air anybody?). I’ve long since hypothesized that a merging of the iPad lineup and MacBook Air lineup could be brilliant when really the line drawn between them becomes increasingly fine as time goes on. If you ask me, an ‘iPad selection’ that included a 7.something”, 9.something” and 13.something” screen variety along with a cleverly designed keyboard case would eliminate the need for the MacBook Air while beefing up the potential uses and users of the iPad; but I digress.

As more and more images surface telling us what the iPad of yesteryear would have looked like, initial impressions vary from shock to awe. Sure, it’s huge. Sure, it’s nowhere near as sleek and sexy as the iPad turned out to be. But being fair it looked like an Apple product of that vintage, reminding me of the old iMac desktops computers that you could get in a rainbow of colors.

To be perfectly honest, news of the early iPad does not have me dwelling too much on the iPad. What it has me wondering is exactly what Apple has cooking up in their labs right now that we may not see for another 10 years… because you know they are always working on one more thing.

[Pictures: BuzzFeed]

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