Your iPad Could be a Life Saver with this Bulletproof iPad Case

bulletproof caseAll too often I find myself strolling down the street with my iPad when suddenly a car pulls up and starts shooting at me! It is times like these that I long for an iPad case that could double as my own personal Captain America shield, deflecting bullets handily as I walk along.

Before you brush this off as a simple pipe dream, know that Vestguard has produced a ballistic cover for the iPad that is capable of this task.

Made using “cutting edge uni-directional aramid fibers processed to a high tolerance in VestGuard’s state of the art facility,” the case is technically capable of stopping bullets from a 9mm handgun. Even though the case is likely designed more to protect your iPad than your own body, I recommend purchasing this along with some kind of elastic sleeve so you can wear it over your heart from now on.

Vestguard promises that the bulletproof claims on this case are “not a metaphor” and I tend to believe them with other products in their lineup including items like body armor, de-mining helmets and Kevlar gloves.

No details are available yet on the cost and availability of this iPad accessory.

[via engadget]

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