New iPad Mini Rumors: Thousands Flock to Foxconn For Summer Work Building Smaller Device

As summer ticks by and the release of a rumored iPad mini draws closer, Chinese-based manufacturing plant Foxconn has begun its search for new employees. Thousands of young workers were seen lining up in the pouring rain over the past few days in Chengdu, waiting for their turn to apply for a summer job at one of the country’s largest factories.

Chinese blog M.I.C. Gadget produced a series of photos that shows city streets clogged with umbrellas – toting potential new hires. Foxconn’s signage can be seen in the background. Some people even carried luggage bags with them. Are they coming directly from a long journey far from home? Maybe they are headed straight for the train after a day’s job hunt.

According to M.I.C. Gadget, the Foxconn plant is hiring a large number of workers for the summer, which may still have openings. Applicants are required to pay a registration fee of 150 Chinese yuan ($24) and the only requirement is that they must have good eyesight.

The website mentioned that the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou is also hiring new employees. Unnamed sources told M.I.C. Gadget that one of the iPhone assembly lines inside the Zhengzhou factory recently began trial production on the next generation of iPhone. During one particular night shift, workers assembled only five of the trial units.

Earlier rumors pointed to Foxconn’s newly built Brazilian plant as the local for assembly of the iPad mini. However, this recent bit of news may be evidence that Foxconn employees will be working hard at all three locations. It would take a lot of effort to build a third-generation iPad, which is still selling like hotcakes, an iPad mini, and a new generation of iPhone, all at the same time. Although Foxconn’s job posting didn’t specifically say that the summer work was for the purposes of assembling an iPad mini, there are many rumors coming down the line that point to the production of a smaller-screened Apple tablet in the works.

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