Need to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer? Check Out These Outdoor-Themed Games

Summer means hot temperatures, swimming pools, outdoor adventures, and children that are out of school. While kids can be kept busy outside most of the time, summer often brings rainstorms, shopping trips, and inevitable doctors’ appointments.

You’ll need a way to keep your kids occupied when they have to be cooped up indoors, so take a look at these fun outdoor themed games for children that will keep them happy, quiet, and entertained.

Tiny Wings HD ($2.99) – The ultra popular iPhone game Tiny Wings was recently brought to the iPad, so now kids can have fun controlling a tiny bird as he attempts to fly, slide, and glide over hills to progress. This is a simple, one-touch casual game that’s perfect for kids (and even fun for adults). Kids can play against each other on a single iPad, and there are now three game modes to keep kids entertained: “Day Trip,” “Flight School” and “Hill Party.” Kids can play as the mama bird or one of her four babies, and there are 15 new levels for even more flying fun.


My Horse (Free) – Have a child that loves horses but lives in the city? My Horse is a popular simulation app that allows children to raise and take care of a stable full of adorable horses. Children will groom horses, compete in competitions such as jumping events, and play alongside friends that also have the app. Each horse is unique and has different needs, so kids will learn to care for animals as they play with the horses. This game has fantastic, realistic Retina graphics and is guaranteed to keep any horse lover entertained for hours.


Temple Run: Brave ($0.99) – Pixar’s newest movie, Brave, is all the rage right now with little girls. Kids across the country are taking up archery lessons, and any Brave fan is sure to love this newly created version of Temple Run. In this game, kids will play as Merida, running through a forest to escape from Mordu. As in the original game, Temple Run: Brave uses simple swipe gestures to jump and swipe, which even younger children can execute.


Skylanders: Cloud Patrol ($0.99) – Skylanders is an air-based shooting game that’s a ton of fun. Some of you may have played this on other platforms, but if you haven’t, just know that your kids will love this arcade shooter. In this game, kids will tap to shoot or slide their fingers across targets to score combos and points, level up, use item boosts, and compete against their friends to see who can get the highest score and the most loot. This is a simple, kid friendly game that’s a lot of fun.


Madcoaster (Free) – No time to get to an amusement park this summer? Well, Madcoaster is the next best thing. Madcoaster is a roller coaster-themed endless runner where the coaster rockets through a crazy collection of levels while kids tap to collect coins and to prevent the coaster from hitting dangerous obstacles. It’s fast paced, has fantastic graphics, and provides hours of fun for bored kids.



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