Step Away From the Office – Remote Monitoring Tools for the iPad

beachThe sun is shining (well, mostly) and it is finally summer so now you are trying your best to get a few days away from the office (even if that just means enjoying your own patio with the ice-cold drink of your choice).

Fitting into a number of different categories and methods of monitoring, see if one of these remote monitoring tools could be the key to helping you get some real time off!

Room Monitoring – The next best thing to actually being there is to have a camera in the room so that you can keep a look-out –or maybe it just helps you to troubleshoot a problem if you can actually feast your eyes on it. Whatever your motivation, consider something like the iZON Remote Room Monitor. For the bargain price of USD $129.95 you can have an app-controlled wireless camera that allows for motion sensing room observation and noise detection with secure, private video streaming.

Remote Login – Whether you need to provide a little tech support for an end-user or you think it may be necessary to gain access to your home or office computer while you are away, consider using some remote desktop software. Many options exist, but TeamViewer is a fantastic option –supporting all of Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile operating systems. There will be no switching between different programs for different uses! The software is free for non-commercial use with paid licenses available for businesses. If you want to use something a little more familiar (and affordable, for smaller businesses), consider the mobile version of GoToMyPC.

Security – Are you a little anxious leaving your home unattended? Ease your concerns with a remotely monitored security system like those made by Logitech. Whether you choose a system to monitor indoors or outdoors, with or without night vision, Logitech Alert can help you to design your own security system with up to six cameras and no new wires (with their HomePlug Powerline technology you can turn your electrical system into a high-speed Internet connection –meaning you plug your new cameras into a wall outlet and they will happily transmit video). Master systems start at USD $299.99 with a single camera. Additional cameras can be purchased for between USD $199.99 and $279.99 depending on whether you require heartier weather-proof hardware.

Home Automation – We’ve been using timers for decades to turn our home lights and electronics off and on while we are away. Now with a system like Belkin’s WeMo, you can control these items remotely with your iPad (and when you get back home you can enjoy starting the coffee before you get out of bed)! Each WeMo Switch is only USD $49.99, so control as little or as much of your home as you like!

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