Relive a Disney Classic – Bambi is Now on Your iPad

BambiThere are many generations of kids out there that remember Bambi as a very important story from their childhoods. Even though the story may begin on a sad note, other themes from the book include friendship, childhood and growing up.

This book is a simple joy, filled with beautiful retro-style illustrations and all of your favorite characters (who doesn’t love Thumper, especially when he is describing being twitterpated).

The animations are rather elaborate for the vintage of the story –unlike other more recent Disney creations, there aren’t tremendous libraries of video footage to draw from in order to create dynamic content for the app.

One subtle little difference in this book from so many others that I have seen are the bonuses seen in the text itself. When the narrator reads the word ‘shaky’ as Bambi learns to walk on his wobbly little legs, the letters are a little jumbled and they shake the moment it is spoken aloud. Other words animated in this fashion include hopped, thump and butterfly. This kind of whimsy really makes the story fun.

Bonus features give the app additional value, including coloring pages, a matching game and a musical melody feature that allows your child to create virtual symphonies from tapping around the forest scene.

Bambi Screenshot

What I liked: I thought it was a nice touch that you could add your photo and name to the virtual cover of this app. It reminded me of days gone by (that my children will not understand) where you added personalized bookplates to all of your books (parents out there may just remember what I’m referencing here).

What I didn’t like: I wish there was a little more interaction with the illustrations. When you tap on the characters, their name appears and the narrator speaks it aloud but it is slightly more disruptive than identifying.

To buy or not to buy: Whether you have fond childhood memories of this story or you are somehow discovering it for the first time with your little ones, Disney has hit another home-run with an app that should be on your must-have list.

  • App Name: Bambi: Disney Classics
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Books
  • Developer: Disney
  • Price: $3.99
  • Score:


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