iOS 6: Users Will be Offered Email Addresses

ios6Beta 3, the latest iteration of iOS 6 brought with it a number of new features –not the least of which being that iCloud users will have the option of getting a brand spanking new e-mail address (based on your Apple ID).

This new offering represents an evolution away from the .me e-mail addresses that began in the early days of MobileMe (which also followed the old .mac addresses).

Apple hasn’t released any information to date regarding whether they plan to continue any measure of support for existing .me e-mail addresses, nor did they say was what was going to happen to those of us who have somehow seemed to acquire more than one Apple ID.

The upcoming Maps app also received a series of upgrades with this latest seeding of iOS 6 to developers, not the least of which are a series of settings tweaks that will allow you to change the volume of the navigation voice, set distances to display in miles or kilometers, set map labels to display either in the local language or always in English, and set map label sizes to either “normal” or “large” (plus, several more cities received the proper 3D map treatment).

Other upgrades in beta 3 include new icons in the Mail app for Junk, Trash, and Archive as well as the ability to add a phone number in the iPad for iMessage unifying (one feature that I am looking particularly forward to).

This new beta comes only a few weeks after beta 2 of the new version of iOS, leading to speculation that the delivery date for the full version isn’t too far in the future –though expectations remain that we will have to wait ‘until the fall’ to get our hands on it.

[via AppleInsider]

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    i’ll stick to my google/gmail.