Hunting and Fishing Games For Lovers of the Great Outdoors

Ah, the great outdoors. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a comfy chair next to a campfire, sipping on a cold one after a long day shooting or fishing. If you are longing for the sound of buzzing mosquitoes or the refreshing feeling of dipping your toes into freezing cold water, but can’t take the time off of work, maybe your craving to hunt your own dinner can be eased with these entertaining games for the iPad.

Deer Hunter 3D for the iPad ($2.99) This hunting simulator will make you feel like you are on a regular hunting trip, the kind where they ship the animals in so you don’t have to camp out. Players start each level by approaching a group of animals that are grazing in a field. There are deer, moose, wild turkeys and more. Choose the best shot to win the most points. A headshot to a deer will yield the highest score. There are also bonus rounds where you shoot as many prairie dogs as possible before they scurry off. Players can choose from four different hunting locations, three levels of difficulty and 12 varieties of weapons, including a semi-automatic shotgun and a crossbow.

Deer Hunter: African Safari  ($2.99) This game is a lot like Deer Hunter 3D (it is made by the same developer) only you are on an African safari hunting zebra, buffalo, lions and more. The gameplay is slightly different. Players pick a spot on the map to start their hunt and are given a hunting position option. You will also be tasked with a specific mission. For example, one mission requires players to hunt Kudu specifically. Additionally, the animals scare much easier in this game, so players have to get a shot off a lot quicker. You can either swipe to aim, or tilt to aim with the different control options. Players can also buy Pro Hunting, Tracking and Spotting equipment with in-app purchases to help make the hunting safari easier.

Deer Hunter Reloaded (Free)  This game is, by far, the best of Glu Games’ Deer Hunter series. It is free to download, but players can upgrade weapons and weapon accessories with in-app purchases. This game has way better graphics, offers in-game cash rewards for kills, and has a leveling system to make you feel like you are improving as a hunter. It is less of a hunting simulator and more of a hunting game, which works great for people who like to see the progress they are making as a player. You can also compete for ranking against friends by playing stampede mode.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter ($2.99) If you’re tired of hunting animals that you can see in a zoo, maybe its time you went back in time and tried your steady hand at some good old-fashioned T-Rex action. The great thing about this game is you can roam around the entire landscape. Players pick a particular dinosaur to hunt and are dropped onto an island filled with all kinds of flying, meat-eating small, and enormous beast. You can kill anything that moves, but you only get points for the type of dinosaur you picked to hunt. Players can have more ammo flown in, be dropped into another spot on the island, and run to safety if the hunter becomes the prey. There are two different modes of game play. You can either hunt down the dinosaurs or try to survive being attacked by vicious carnivores.

i Fishing HD ($3.99) This fishing simulator is totally realistic. From the tug of the line to the line reel speed, you’ll feel like you are sitting in an aluminum boat with a bucket full of worms. The first thing you must do is drive your boat to the prime location. When you are near a good spot, little fish will show up on your locator screen. Tap the cast button to start fishing. The graphics go from grainy and pixilated to a photographic depiction of a lake or river, complete with rocks, tree and reflective water. Players must learn how to cast the line, set the hook and reel in the fish. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to get a bite. Control the fishing pole by taping the screen and tilting the iPad outward with a flicking motion. To set the hook, you must tilt back with your device, as if you are pulling on the rod. When you successfully reel a fish in, you can share it with your friends through OpenFeint.

Real Fishing 3D ($4.99) This delightful fishing game will bring you hours of entertainment. Players drop the line and slowly reel it in, hoping to catch a nibble. When you get the tug, start reeling fast, but be careful not to stress the line or it will snap. There is a tension guage that will help you keep track of how tight the line is. This game is more akin to big fish hunting because you must reel and release until your fish gets tire. Once he no longer struggles, you’ve got your catch. The hard part is keeping the line reeling longer than the fish struggles. Your arms will get tired pretty fast, but isn’t that just like real fishing?

Spear Fishing 2 HD  (Free) Another fun fishing game, only this one is set underwater, and you might get eaten by sharks if you’re not careful. Players are outfitted with diving gear and swim around underwater, looking for the perfect shot. For each level, players are given an objective to find and kill certain fish. Completion of missions grants monetary rewards that can be used to unlock new locations. Control movement by both tilting the device and using a virtual joystick. To shoot your spear at your prey, simply tap the shoot button. You can swim faster using the fin button, but be careful, the faster you swim, the sooner you run out of oxygen.  

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