German Court Says Motorola Zoom Nothing Like the iPad

Another decision against Apple was handed down today. This time Motorola gets to keep its design because German courts ruled that the Xoom doesn’t infringe on the design patent of Apple’s iPad. However, Motorola lost its counterclaim that the iPad’s design patent is invalid.

According to the Dow Jones Newswire, Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann said in March that “The court considered the evenly-bent back and shaped edges on the front of the Xoom sufficient to give the individual character.”

In the same ruling, the court rejected Motorola’s allegation that the iPad’s design patent is invalid. Apple was ordered to pay two-thirds of the court costs, while Motorola must pay the remaining third.

This is only one in a series of lawsuits that Apple has brought about in Germany. The iPad maker is suing both Motorola and Samsung in a Mannheim court for alleged patent infringements related to multi-touch enabled devices.

CNet reported that Apple’s initial lawsuit was part of an effort to ban Motorola’s Xoom across Europe. While Apple may have failed to keep Xoom sales out of Europe, it doesn’t look like it will matter much. The Xoom’s initial sales were notoriously low and Motorola hasn’t had much luck in regaining interest in the tablet since then.

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