Control Your XBox Console Via My Xbox Live App

Yesterday, Microsoft released an update to My Xbox Live that now allows iPad users the ability to access the Xbox Companion. Finally, we can launch game activity, play videos and brag to your friends about how good you are at Skyrim.

The update to version 1.6 adds iPad support to, “connect, control and discover content on your console.” Players can now connect their iPad to their Xbox through local wi-fi to see a list of recent game activity and browse through content with the new Discovery section.

The Verge has a very quick review of the app using an iPad. “Although the Metro-style interface does work well on the iPad initially, it doesn’t go deep enough into the system — you’re forced to use the less-than-ideal virtual D-pad and buttons to navigate and perform actions once you’ve selected your content.”

The Verge still gives the app a positive overall review for browsing content. “we like the way the app pops up information like achievement lists for the game you’re playing at the time.”

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