BioLite CampStove: Charge your iPad With a Campfire While Outdoors

Having just returned from a three-day camping trip with my iPad nearly drained of all its juices, I was giddy with excitement to hear about a new product that will charge your iPad using nothing more than a campfire and a gadget the size of a tin can. This convenient gadget promises to recharge your batteries while you roast marshmallows on your wilderness trek.

The BioLite CampStove looks like a steel can, about the size of a 32 ounce reusable water bottle, with collapsible aluminum legs for a stable base. Attached to the cleverly designed heat-resistant exterior is a power module that looks like a small battery pack.

“The power module houses a thermoelectric generator, converting heat to electricity. It also contains a small microprocessor which manages the flow of power both to the fan and USB port.”

That’s right, the power module features a USB port that outputs two watts of power at five volts, which is just enough to charge small devices like iPhones, iPads, USB compatible lights, etc.

This brilliant device uses nothing more than twigs off the ground to create an ultra-efficient fire that generates enough thermoelectricity to be redirected to the power module and into your dying iPad.

The device boils a liter of water in less than five minutes, burns sticks, pine cones, pellets and other biomass, is made of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic and weighs just over two pounds. It measures 8.25 inches in height and five inches in width. You can pre-order this fancy camping doodad from the company’s website for $129 (estimated to start shipping mid-July). That may seem like a lot until you start adding up the cost of firewood, a battery charger, and a cooking stove.

Check out the video below to see the BioLite CampStove in action. If you are having trouble seeing the clip, click here for a direct link to it on Vimeo.

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