Take Part in Outdoor Entertainment in the Comfort of Your Living Room

If you are a sports enthusiast, but don’t want to venture out into triple-digit heat this summer to practice your favorite pastime, you can still get your fix with a little help from your iPad and some great sports-themed games. Grab a six-pack and a pair of spiked cleats because we’re about to hit the green with these fun golf games for the iPad.

GL Golf ($4.99) – This is a pared down version of the 2003 Mac game of the same name. It comes with six different courses that can be played in pass-and-play mode with up to four friends. Players can hit the green the first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. You can add more courses and upgrade your clubs through in-app purchases. If you are looking for a trip down memory lane and maybe still have GL Golf on your Mac, this is the retro game for you.



Real Golf 2011 HD ($4.99) – Gameloft has an excellent golf game that is not that much different than GL Golf, except that it is technologically renovated for the current decade. The game has two modes, Instant Play and Tournament. Instant mode puts you into five random holes and Tournament is more like campaign mode in your average game. Players can pick from real life golfers to play as and the motion capture technology creates a fairly realistic rendering of a golfer’s swing. There are also seven different challenges, including Time Stroke, Four-Ball Match and Shootout.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour ($4.99) – You know what’s cool about Tiger Woods PGA Tour? You don’t have to play as Tiger Woods. You can create your own meticulously customized avatar to represent you on the green. In this game, player upgrade their skills buy buying them with the winnings they’ve earned playing the tour. To hit the ball, swipe down on the backstroke and up on the swing. There are 20 different mini games to challenge your skills, plus head-to-head, solo, and PGA tour modes. This game was recently updated to allow players to access certain features across platforms with Cross Play. You can earn rewards for playing challenges and use them on your PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 games.


Flick  Golf Extreme! HD ($0.99) – If you’re not particularly into realistic golfing games, but you like the sport, Flick Golf HD is just what you are looking for. Like its name says, it is a game of flicking, not lining up the perfect shot. In fact, the courses in this game are so unrealistic, you’ll be wondering where the developers came up with the ideas. We’re talking about trying to hit a hole-in-one from a helicopter to the landing strip of an airplane carrier or taking a swing atop a Las Vegas sky rise in the middle of the night. Players can choose from three different modes, Quickshot, World Tour and Five-Ball Challenge. You don’t have a meter to gauge your backstroke or the strength or your swing. You simply aim and flick, or swipe fast, as I like to do. No, this is not a calculated game of virtual golf. It is just a good old-fashioned aim-and-shoot game.

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