Pear Bluetooth Accessory Turns any Speaker Dock into a Wireless Speaker

Do you already have an iPod or iPhone speaker dock and don’t want to invest in a brand new one just for your iPad? Maybe you’ve grown attached to your current set of speakers and, although would appreciate the technology of a Bluetooth-enabld set of speakers, don’t want to get rid of your current ones. Maybe you have an Android device, but your speakers only have Apple’s proprietary connector. Product development engineer Brendan Keslo has come up with the solution for you. He has developed a Bluetooth device that plugs into any 30-pin docking station and lets it sync with your iPhone or iPad, wirelessly.

The technology is not new. Bluetooth enabled speakers do exist. However, not everyone has them and they don’t come cheap. Kelso’s pairing device, cleverly named “The Pear,” turns any set of speakers into wireless ones. All you have to do is connect the, approximately two-inch squared, device into the 30-pin dock connector of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad speaker doc and it will pair with your device in a matter of seconds.

You will no longer have to keep your iPhone or iPad sitting in the docking station. You can keep your phone in your pocket, or use your iPad to browse the Internet. You can continue playing music through the speakers, uninterrupted, while using your device for emails, texting and other non-sound tasks.

The Pear allows you to play any audio from your device to the speakers. You can listen to streaming music from Pandora, talk on the phone through the speakers, even ask Siri a question and have her respond in surround sound.

The Pear is currently available for preorder through Kickstarter. A single unit costs $40 and additional ones can be ordered at a reduced price. This project has already met its goal of $40,000 and still has nearly two months to go. It is available in two colors, arctic white and jet black. Visit Keslo’s promotional website,, for more information on specifications and to check out additional photos.

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