Light Up the Night with iPad-Controlled SymbeeStars

Sometimes our iDevices are able to do truly impressive things when combined with creative thinkers and innovative technology. A team of creators, some of which are behind the robotic dinosaur Pleo and the Furby, have come together to design a new product called SymbeeStars.

SymbeeStars are intelligent wireless lights that you’re able to control with your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device using Bluetooth 4.0. Think of them as an ultra high-tech, incredibly versatile nightlight.

The accent lights use LEDs and come with interchangeable decorative shades in a variety of shapes. The first product from the team comes in the form of lighting for children’s rooms, turning ordinary bedrooms into soothing, magical places with soft rainbow lighting.

SymbeeStars have been designed in an array of colors and shapes, from fish and shells to butterflies and cats. There are planets, stars, and sports themes, all of which are interchangeable with different shades.

Each light can be controlled with your phone or your iPad, to create a unique look in hundreds of colors. The lights are able to respond to room ambiance, such as sound. They can be activated with a noise, such as a child’s crying, and they’re also able to show a real time response to music.

The Symbee team is planning to create a developer kit, so any developer will be able to control the lights from within their code, and eventually, SymbeeStars will be available for every room in the house.

SymbeeStars is currently seeking crowd funding on the Indiegogo site, so with just a $45 donation, you can get a single SymbeeStar light. Make sure to get to the site fast – there are only 200 available at this special price, and they’re sure to go quick.

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