iPad Car Mounts For Families on the Go

Just because you are on the road, it doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on entertainment. Luckily, the iPad is the perfect travel companion. Not only can it be used as a GPS map to get you to your destination, but it can also double as a movie screen for the kids while they are strapped into the back seat of the car. We’ve researched some of the best car mounts around and have some of our favorites for you below.

Arkon IPM-RSHM iPad Headrest Mount has a wide range of movement, allowing for multiple convenient viewing angles. Thanks to a ball-jointed connector, kids from two to 22 can enjoy their favorite movies comfortably. Because it comes in two pieces, you can leave the mount attached to the headrest so you don’t have to take the car apart just to remove it. It is small enough that you can just move it to the side and forget about it until you want to use it again. If you are looking for a headrest mount for your iPad, the Arkon IMP-RSHM is hard to beat. It is a bit on the pricey side at $39.95, but the range of view is better than most other headrest mounts around. They are available from the company’s website.


The SIIG CE-MTOE12-S1 Headrest iPad Car Mount This convenient headrest fits snuggly on the back of your seat and offers a decent range for viewing. It comes with adjustable mounting arms to quickly and easily adjust the viewing angle. While it doesn’t have the range that the Arkon has, it does have a 45 degree up and down tilt to accommodate many different sized viewers. The bonus of this mount is that it is adjustable to fit a multitude of tablets. Because of its design, you can fit a device that is between 5 and 8 inches wide. Thinking about an iPad mini? This might be a good purchase for using both sized tablets. It is reasonably priced at $29.99 from the company’s website, but we found it for $25 on Newegg.com.


Snugg iPad 3 Car Headrest Mount Holder (Only compatible with Snugg Case) Some cars just don’t have those headrest bars that the Arkon and SIIG are mounted to. For those looking for a more versatile headrest mount, the Snugg is a perfect fit. Instead of sliding onto the headrest’s connector bars, the mount has a stretchy nylon strap that slips over the headrest and Velcro straps to hold it in place. There are two problems with this mount. It has no adjustable viewing angle and it is only compatible with a Snugg case. The mount is reasonably priced at only $25.99. However, if you don’t already have the case, it will set you back another $30. Although not the perfect mount, it is on our list because there are a lot of drivers out there without headrest bars and this is the most versatile mount for that purpose.


RAM Suction Cup Mount The guys over at RAM Mounts have a huge variety of options for your travel needs. We’re only going to talk about two of their best. The RAM Suction Cup mount will stick your iPad conveniently to your windshield so it is easy to glance at while driving. Of course, we don’t recommend playing Angry Birds while driving on the CA-101, but if you want to take advantage of the iPad’s navigation service, or if you use your iPad for music purposes, this will keep you safer than having the tablet on the seat next to you. The twist-lock suction cup base is designed to have a strong grip on glass and other non-porous plastics to ensure your iPad won’t go tumbling to your feet and under your gas pedal. The Suction Cup mount is available from the company’s website for $60.


The RAM Cup Holder Mount is for those who want the convenience of having an iPad within reach but don’t want it obstructing their view. (In California, it is illegal to have your iPad mounted to your windshield.)  The only thing you need is a cup holder. The mount fits into the cup holder with several customizable support fins and the iPad rests atop a six-inch flexible arm rod. You can use the flex rod to manipulate the angle, direction and position of the iPad in practically any location. The convenience of this mount is that it sits in any cup holder in you car, boat or anywhere there is a hole big enough to fit a 16-ounce soda. This mount will cost you $55 and is available from the company’s website.

When you hit the road for your summer vacation, be sure to have your on-the-go entertainment ready with one of these iPad car mounts.

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