Google Training Developers on Making iOS App Links Compatible with Chrome

Google ChromeCurrently, when you open a link to a webpage in an app, such as a link to a developer’s site, those webpages automatically open in Safari, which is the default browser for the iPad and the iPhone.

With the release of Google Chrome for iOS, Safari ceased to be the OS’s only viable browser, but as there is no way to set it as the default, links are still opened in Safari even for those who have switched to Chrome.

As a result, Google has developed sample code to show developers how to add Chrome support to their iOS apps. The code checks to see if Chrome is installed on the device, and if it is, the code gives users the option to open links in Google’s browser instead of in Safari.

Google’s code adds a button that’s similar to options to open links and apps in other apps, such as “Open in Dropbox,” or “Open in Instagram” from a separate photo app.

It is difficult to get away from Safari in iOS. Even users who have chosen Chrome will still need to deal with the browser in some capacity, but if Google can get developers to integrate the browser with their apps, it will be easier to eschew Safari all together.


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  • Julias Shaw

    This is pretty funny considering that Google’s own Reeder app still does’t have an option to open pages in Chrome.