Garmin Introduces New Portable GPS Device for Tablets and Smartphones

GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets take away quite a bit of business from GPS-device manufacturer Garmin, so the company has come up with a solution to improve the functionality of GPS-enabled devices.

The Garmin GLO is designed to help iOS and Android devices acquire position locks 20 percent faster than using phone GPS technology alone.

Your typical mobile phone uses assisted GPS, which requires the use of cell phone towers to triangulate your position. The GLO provides far better location and accuracy when combined with a mobile phone, especially in remote locations, because it does not rely on cell phone towers.

GLO uses GPS/GLONASS receivers with Bluetooth, in order to deliver precise position and location services to your phone. GLO is able to update its position at 10x per second, which is more than 10 times the speed of GPS receivers in most mobile devices.

With Bluetooth, the GLO pairs up with your phone automatically, and works for up to 12 hours before needing to be charged with the included USB cable.

The Garmin GLO will be available for $99 in August, from the Garmin website. An additional version, the GLO for Aviation, will also be available in August for $129.

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  • Chad

    Not Sure if I am the only person thinking it, but I E-mail Garmin to see if this would allow my wifi only ipad to be a GPS. I’ll repost with answer.

  • Chad

    Update.. Support said it will give gps abilities to non cellular iPads

  • Greg P.

    It connected quickly and easily with my iPad, even though I don’t have any way to know for sure if it’s really using the Glo instead of the internal GPS. I can get it to pair with my Android tablet, but it won’t connect.