Comedy Central’s Indecision Game is The Perfect Trivia for the Armchair Politician

Do you watch late night political comedy shows and fancy yourself smarter than the average American because you came up with some of the same jokes earlier in the day? Do you yell at your television set every morning while watching the local news? If you think of yourself as politically aware, now is your chance to prove it with Comedy Central’s Indecision Game. Not only will you be playing for yourself, but you will also be playing for your preferred party, Republicans, Democrats or Independents.

Our friends at Comedy Central have put together a fairly unbiased political trivia game. Based more in historical facts than partisan rhetoric, each question will have you searching your memory banks for tidbits of information from news reports from the past. For example, one question asks what Joe Biden’s religion is, or what Newt Gingrich was bit by during a zoo visit.

This is a multiplayer-only game. You can log into Game Center or Facebook to find people to play with. It was very easy to start games with random players through Game Center. I’m not sure how Facebook connections work.


Once you’ve gone through the basic tutorial, you can start your political campaign across the nation. You can either play against friends, or choose random players to compete with. You will be asked three questions in a row. You only have a limited amount of time to answer all three. If you answer correctly more times than your opponent, then you win the round. For each correct answer, you get one vote. If you win a round, you get three extra votes. Just like in real elections, some states are worth more votes than others. To win the game, all you have to do is reach 100 points.

You can also call for a recount in a state if you really want to win it. You will be able to add three extra voters to one state if you call for a recount. You have campaign helpers that can increase your votership and ultimately help you win the election.

This is a very entertaining game for members of all political parties. It is mostly non-partisan (let’s face it, nothing is completely non-partisan and especially not something associated with Comedy Central) and you can show off your political knowledge to others without sounding like a talking head, or more likely, a big old windbag.


What I liked: The game is challenging. The questions are not dumb. They are taken from news stories that we see all the time.

What I didn’t like: The user interface is annoying. You can’t redo anything. If you accidentally put a vote into a state, it stays there. You also can’t skip your opponent’s voter placement. This gets boring pretty fast.

To buy or not to buy: Download this game for free and see how well you fair against America’s political minds.


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