20 Million iPads Sold over the Last Three Months?

iPad 3The third generation iPad is selling like hotcakes, and now that the iPad 2 is cheaper than ever, it is flying of the shelves in record numbers, too.

Analyst Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company thinks that Apple may have had its best quarter yet. He recently changed his predictions for how many iPads shipped in the June quarter, increasing his estimate from 13.5 million to 20 million units.

Wolf’s predictions seem over the top considering if it were to come true, the just-ended quarter would be Apple’s best for iPad sales, surpassing the holiday season’s 15 million units sold in 2011. However, with popularity of the iPad gaining momentum every day, it is not totally impossible that Apple would more than double its sales of 9.25 million units from this time last year.

“In our view, it’s only a matter of time before iPad shipments exceed iPhone shipments,” Wolf said. “The iPad is invading the business market at a much faster pace than the iPhone. In addition, the iPad will launch in China on July 20th. This should provide a significant boost in sales now that Apple is providing Chinese languages and services on its iOS platform.”

Wolf has also predicted an increase of iPhone sales over his earlier estimate. He had previously predicted the iPhone to ship 27 million units for the June quarter, but now believes it will be 28 million. This is a significant drop from Apple’s March quarter, which saw 35 million units shipped.

If the iPad mini really does exist and makes it to store shelves in 2012, this will definitely be Apple’s best year ever.

[via Apple Insider]

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