Amazon Now Going After Game Center

With the impending threat of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, the rumors about an iPad Mini, and the Windows 8 tablets coming later this year, Amazon has decided that it’s time to step into the tablet gaming arena.

Today the Seattle-based retail giant announced announced the launch of GameCircle, which, as it turns out, is a whole lot like Apple’s Game Center.

GameCircle is a service for developers, allowing them to incorporate achievements, leaderboards, and cross-platform syncing into their games. According to Amazon, GameCircle is “a new set of services designed to make it easier for you to create more engaging gaming experience and grow your business on Kindle Fire.

It’s pretty clear that GameCircle has taken a lot of inspiration from Game Center, which offers many of the same features. In turn, Game Center was heavily based on Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

While GameCircle incorporates syncing, achievements, and leaderboards, it does not appear to have the same multiplayer gaming capabilities that Apple’s version offers.

Amazon has already tested the new GameCircle system with popular games like Doodle Jump, Temple Run, and Triple Town.

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