Organize an iPad Board Game Night with these Multiplayer Games

Board games are a classic way to spend quality time with friends and family, but if you don’t have a board game handy or if you’re tired of the hassle of cleaning up, why not use your iPad during your next game night?

While you can invest in a fancy solution, like the $79.99 GameChanger multiplayer electronic game board, which supports several games and morphs your iPad into a fully fledged board game, you can get the same result by downloading a great app from the App Store and passing your iPad back and forth. Check out these fun board game apps for a way to incorporate your iPad into game night. 

Outwitters (Free) – This is a turn-based multiplayer game from the creators of the ultra popular game Tilt to Live. In Outwitters, you will battle with friends, taking turns to maneuver your troops in a race to destroy the enemy base. Side with the seafaring Scallywags, the robotic Feedback legion, or the snuggly-wuggly Adorables as you aim for victory. This is a pass and play game that can accommodate up to four players on teams. You can play this in the living room, or take it online with Game Center.


Scrabble for iPad ($9.99) – This is a must have classic game that we’ve all played one time or another. At my house, we’re often scrambling to find lost Scrabble tiles, a worry of the past with this digital edition. You can use the iPad version of Scrabble with up to four people thanks to pass and play, and the game will calculate all of your scores for you. No more paper, pencil, and calculator necessary. You can also play solo against computer opponents or play with your friends on their own iDevices.


Small World for iPad ($6.99) – While most iPad board games existed in other forms before the iPad was around, Small World is an entirely original fantasy board game. In Small World, you will take control of a fun fantasy race with special powers and characters, like berserk hobbits, triton merchants, alchemist ratment, and more. You’re able to play face to face with a friend if you both sit around the iPad, and you can also practice in solo mode with the game’s built-in AI.


Catan HD ($4.99) – Catan HD is a settlers game where the goal is for four players to compete to amass the most settlements, the longest roads, and the largest army, just like in the original Settlers of Catan board game. This is a ruthless came that allows players to trade goods, form alliances, and conquer resources. There’s an extensive campaign to complete, and even more gameplay options available for purchase in the app.


Carcassonne ($9.99) – Carcassonne may be one of the best iPad board games in the App Store. In this game, players will construct a medieval landscape tile by tile, claiming landmarks with followers to score points. The goal, at the end of the game, is to have the most points possible, outscoring your opponents. This game can be played with up to five players passing the iPad around, and it also supports local network play and Internet multiplayer.


Neuroshima Hex ($4.99) – This is a fast paced tactical board game where four players each control an army, struggling to gain influence and survive in a world that was destroyed by a 30 year war. The ultimate goal is to lead your troops to victory. This is an award winning game that’s well known in the gaming community, and it’s made the transition to the iPad beautifully. You can play with up to four players asynchronous online multiplayer, and form private games with your Game Center friends.


Jenga HD ($0.99) – We’ve all played Jenga at one time or another, and this classic game is always a big party hit. Now you can play without the threat of missing game pieces or after-game cleanup, because all the action takes place on your iPad. The game displays a 3-D version of a Jenga tower, and you must use the same careful movements to remove blocks while leaving the structure intact. Play with up to four friends using pass and play mode.

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  • GroundedControl

    SmallWorld is an original game, but not for the iPad. The print version was published in 2009, long before making the move to iPad, and supported more players. The print board game is still an active property which continues to be expanded upon by optional add-ons, also available in print.

  • Greg

    Actually small world was a board game before it was an iPad app. It is published by Days of Wonder who also publish Ticket to Ride an excellent board game and iPad app as well.