News360 Personalized News Reader App Gets a Beautiful Facelift

Popular news aggregation app News360 has been re-imagined and redesigned with a major update to its user interface and personalization algorithms.

This overhaul has been in the works for more than a year, and the News360 team has finally managed to build a smart personalization engine that helps readers to find high-quality, relevant news stories that pertain to their interests.

The app covers all topics from breaking news and major world events to niche interests in the arts, sciences, and technology. With News360, you won’t need to dig through the depths of the Web to find good content – this app analyzes more than 200,000 articles each day for the best content.

Not only that, it also factors in language, tone, quality of writing, freshness, and more, to match up compatible readers and writers. The app has a sense of humor too. While you can focus on categories like Good News, Politics, and Technology, there’s also a section  just for Wine and Zombies.

News360 is unique from the apps that simply incorporate your Facebook and Twitter into news feeds, and it does not send you articles that your friends liked. Instead, it is able to analyze your actions to understand your personality and make predictions about content you would likely enjoy. Just connect your social accounts to the app and you’ll get a completely tailored news reading experience.

Unlike other news aggregators, News360 lets you edit your own specifications. Like scientific stories about space travel, but want to skip the stories on genetics? No problem with this app.

You’ll find all the relevant news that you need right on the home page, and tapping an article pulls up a nicely formatted, easily readable website. And the best part? This app will get smarter as you use it, learning to deliver exactly what you want to read.

If you’ve tried News360 in the past and moved on to something else, you will definitely want to revisit the app. If it’s your first download, prepare to be impressed. You can currently download the News360 app from the App Store for free.

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