Airbus Pilots Take to the Skies with iPad Flight Bag

AirbusFlying aircraft and iPad use are becoming an inseperable combination. Next to come on-board is Airbus, becoming the first aircraft manufacturer to provide their performance-calculating applications as part of an electronic flight bag (EFB). These suites, dubbed “FlySmart with Airbus” will be available as part of their EFC portfolio directly from the App Store (with licenses only available for Airbus customers).

These new applications will provide an alternative to the existing PC based EFB devices, providing a much more convenient solution.

To get these applications running smoothly and accurately, Airbus worked closly with aviation and technology experts through all phases of development to ensure that airline pilots could complete the performance calculations they require along with being able to reference the Airbus Flight Operations Manuals –all directly from their highly portable iPad device.

Describing their new software, Didier Lux, EVP of Airbus Customer Services says:

“Fifteen years ago Airbus was the pioneer in providing the first EFB applications with the goal of creating the ‘paperless’ cockpit. Today we go a step further: By combining our EFB content with the world’s most versatile mobile digital device, the iPad, airline pilots will be able to optimise aircraft performance in the palm of their hand, while obtaining savings in cost, weight and time.”

To support this initiative, Airbus has ordered iPads for their Flight Test and Training Department and will endeavour to make using the tablet part of their standard practice from this point forward.

Airbus is able to boast being the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturer, producing familiar airliners like those in the single-aisle A320 family.

Airbus is not the first company in the industry to take advantage of the iPad. After what was described as extensive testing, the FAA has issued their approval for the iPad to become standard equipment on flight decks and is currently in use by many of the major airlines (including United, which was profiled by Apple directly).

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