The New iPad AirHolder Mount Lets You Use Your iPad Anywhere

If you regularly use your iPad in a single location, like in the kitchen, in your home office, or at work, you might benefit from a stationary arm that can hold your iPad in exactly the spot that you need.

The AirHolder, from LookBad, is a swing arm iPad mount that’s both extendable and foldable so it won’t be in the way when it’s not in use, and it mounts easily to the wall.

This handy iPad stand has several joints for an adjustable rotation that allows you to put your iPad into any comfortable position. There’s a built in charging wire so that you can use the iPad while charging, and an adapter holds the iPad in the stand securely.

The AirHolder is designed to work with the AirCase, which is a protective case that’s made for daily use. The AirHolder keeps your iPad safe during travel, preventing scratches and scuffs with its soft fabric holder.

You can get your own AirHolder and AirCase in black or white for $120 from the AirHolder website.

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